Azulejos Tiles. Azulejo tiles are a popular Portugese and Spanish ceramic tiles. They origin of Azulejo tiles comes from the Arabic culture from the Arabic word az-zulayj which means „polished stone”. Traditionally they were used not only to decorate buildings but also to keep the right temperature inside. If you travel to Portugal you can find a lot of Azulejo Tiles on both private and public buildings, very often on floors and walls of churches, palaces, restaurants etc.

Nowadays they have become a great national symbol of Portugese culture and art but in the last few years they have become very popular around the world in a home design branch. They are used very often to decorate stylish bathrooms and kitchens.

After my trip to Portugal I was inspired to create my own Azulejos patterns for multi-purpose use. You can see both the patterns and souvenir products created with this beautiful, traditional motives.